Watch Repairs
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Is a watch repair service supplied for vintage or pocket watches?

This watch repair service for Tintern is not carried out because of the difficulty in sourcing compatible parts.

Do the watchmakers charge for estimates on watch repairs Tintern?

The professionals offer free estimates for watch repair services Tintern via post.

No chargeable work is completed without prior consent and if you have changed your mind then the watch will be returned without charge.

Just enquire with the staff today.

What does a watch reseal involve?

A watch reseal occurs when the item is ultrasonically cleaned to remove any dirt from the case whilst changing any worn or broken gaskets.

Enquire with the watch repairers regarding watch repairs and servicing for Tintern.

I got the watch battery replaced somewhere else but it keeps stopping?

If your watch in Tintern keeps on stopping after a battery replacement it generally suggests a watch service is needed.

Enquire with the team about watch service Tintern by mail-order service.

Watch Repair Tintern

If you are seeking a dependable watch repair service for Tintern in Monmouthshire then may help.

The experts provide a cost-effective and quick service via secure postage to a central workshop.

The repair and servicing of watches is carried out via skilled watch repairers using the best equipment and replacement parts. If a watch part is not available, it can usually be sourced within an few days for customers.

For that extra peace of mind a guarantee is offered against broken materials or workmanship (12 months for bracelets and 18 months for batteries).

To request your watch repair across Tintern in Monmouthshire, simply complete the enquiry form today and the customer service department will contact you back shortly (Monday - Friday).

Watch repairs Tintern

Tintern Watch Repair

Watch repairs Tintern in Monmouthshire via postal service to a fully equipped workshop.

The reputable and fully trained watchmakers are members of the BHI (British Horological Institute) and British Watch and Clock Makers Guild.

The repair service offered for the people of Monmouthshire uses high quality parts to ensure a long lasting and reliable watch repair.

A range of watch repair services are provided including pressure testing, dial restoration, strap replacement, watch maintenance, watch overhauls and battery replacement services to name but some examples.

Watch repair Tintern by postal service covers all the major watch brands including

• TAG Heuer
• Rolex
• Omega
• Gucci
• Breitling
• Cartier
• Oris
• Rotary
• Raymond Weil
• Baume et Mercier
• Citizen
• Seiko

With over 500,000 watches serviced and fixed each year you can be assured of attentive customer service and excellent value.

The recent testimonials on Time Piece Fixers showcase the excellent watch repairs offered by the staff.

To request your watch repairs for Tintern via post, simply fill in the online form and we will response to your enquiry soon, to discuss how to receive your watch to the central workshop.

Recent Enquires

the crown has snapped off my tissot watch - needs new rose gold crown and stem. are you able to obtain the parts to repair my watch? katharine thompson


battery and clean


zeppelin quartz white series nordstern wrist watch 7540.issue - stopped working, not due to battery


hi, i`ve had my ladies omega watch for 20 years, never had any problems with it. battery was replaced recently and then it started losing time. took it to get battery tested and that was fine so not sure what`s wrong with the watch. could you please look at it for me. thanks


watch is festina chrono bike 16095.would like a general service, polish and new water seal on inner rear of case. the watch also has a slight issue where the main large second hand will not reset properly to 12 o`clock after using chronograph. this only ever happens when the watch minute hand is between 9 and 12 position. many thanks.


hi I dropped my hamilton khaki navy watch yesterday and it has stopped working, if you give it a tap and a shake it will run for a minute or two.if possible could you please give me some idea of the cost of repair - thanks regards mark


ceramic strap has broken (black) needs a link putting in where it has snapped


hi,i have an older gucci automatic watch that needs repairing, it has a small crack on glass and has stopped working.


full servicecleanreplace springpolish or replace glassomega seamaster x


i have a vintage soviet military watch with an integrated bracelet. I want to get this swapped for a strap (leather, silicon, anything really). finding someone who can modify a strap to suit is proving hard - would you be able to help?thanks!


my wife`s christopher ward bracelet watch.despite send it to cw on multiple occasions, battery replacements, it`s still stopped working ?. I have no faith in cw to fix, therefore hoped you can assist please ?


i have a michael kors watch which needs a new battery but I dont have the tool u need to take the back off the watch to be able to replace the battery so im just wondering if u can do this for me and how much will be?plz could u reply to me by contacting my mobile phone. thank you.