Watch Repairs
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Is a watch repair service provided for vintage or pocket watches?

This watch repair service for Orpington is not provided because of the difficulty in sourcing high quality parts.

Do the watch repairers charge for estimates on watch repairs Orpington?

The specialists provide free estimates for watch repair services Orpington by post.

No chargeable work is carried out without your consent and if you do change your mind then the watch will be returned with no charge.

Just contact the team today.

What does watch resealing involve?

A watch reseal occurs when the item is ultrasonically cleaned to remove any dirt from the case whilst changing any worn or defective gaskets.

Enquire with the watchmakers in regards to watch repairs and servicing for Orpington.

I have had the watch battery changed somewhere else but it keeps on stopping?

If your watch in Orpington keeps on stopping after a battery replacement it generally suggests a watch service is necessary.

Get in touch the staff about watch servicing Orpington via mail-order service.

Watch Repair Orpington

If you are looking for a reliable watch repair service for Orpington in Kent then can help.

The professionals offer a competitive and prompt service by national postage to a central workshop.

The repair and servicing of watches is undertaken by skilled watch repairers using the best tools and spare parts. If a watch component is not available, it could often be sourced within an few days for customers.

For that full peace of mind a guarantee is provided against busted materials or workmanship (12 months for bracelets and 18 months for batteries).

To book your watch repair that cover Orpington in Kent, simply utilise the online form today and the watch repairers will respond to you quickly (Monday - Friday).

Watch repairs Orpington

Orpington Watch Repair

Watch repairs Orpington in Kent by postal service to a large workshop.

The reputable and experienced watch repairers are members of the BHI (British Horological Institute) and British Watch and Clock Makers Guild.

The repair service offered for the people of Kent uses suitable parts to make sure a long lasting and dependable watch repair.

A wide selection of watch repair services are undertaken including pressure testing, dial restoration, strap replacement, watch maintenance, watch overhauls and battery replacement services to name but a few examples.

Watch repairs Orpington via postal service covers every the major watch makes including

• Omega
• Rolex
• TAG Heuer
• Cartier
• Breitling
• Gucci
• Raymond Weil
• Rotary
• Oris
• Seiko
• Citizen
• Baume et Mercier

With over five hundred thousand watches serviced and repaired each year you could be assured of awesome customer service and safe value.

The recent testimonials on Time Piece Fixers demonstrate the safe watch repairs offered via the team.

To book your watch repair service for Orpington by post, simply use the website form and we will get in touch shortly, to discuss how to get your wristwatch to the central workshop.

Recent Enquires

i have a rotary windsor mens quartz (battery) watch. the hour hand is sticking. can you give me estimate of repair please? gb02 402/03 (12337)pl0-005545- batt uc.362dolphin standardsapphire swiss made


omega seamaster strap and general repair


tissot t touch battery replacement only


losing a couple of minutes per day. hand adjustment bezel needs adjustingrepairing and general service required


new glass and service. watch keeps stopping overnight and loses time


my face is cracked and im after a quote to repair please.. many thanks rebecca


battery replacement and service


rolex, oyster, day seal.please provide separate costs for the above


hi there, i`ve just moved over from milan, italy, I have worked in watch repair trade for many years, in the milan shop and my dad family run shop, i`m looking for a job. I was wondering if you were hiring ? thanks sam


i have a rotary skeleton watch in need of repair. it suffered a drop and appears to be damaged internally. the damage is not entirely apparent, there is no obvious damage when viewed but a small piece can be seen moving freely within the internals. would it be possible to get a rough estimate of what the cost of repair would likely be?many thanks,harrison


hibezel replacement as previous had obvious low grade replacement inserted. happy to have a no -omega replacement but not such an obvious one.service requiredbattery change general clean and polishlower pin that connects strap to watch keeps coming loose despite tightening, and may also require replacing.when back removed please can you authenticate the watch to its paperwork. I believe the watch is but want piece of mind.please could you let me know roughly cost and timeframe.many thanks stephen


it has recently stopped working and needs a service