Watch Repairs
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Is a watch repair service supplied for vintage or pocket watches?

This watch repair service for Coventry is not offered because of the difficulty in sourcing appropriate parts.

Do the watchmakers charge for estimates on watch repairs Coventry?

The professionals provide free estimates for watch repair services Coventry via post.

No chargeable work is completed without prior consent and if you do change your mind then the watch will be returned with no charge.

Just enquire with the team today.

What does watch resealing involve?

A watch reseal occurs when the item is ultrasonically cleaned to remove any dirt from the case whilst changing any worn or busted gaskets.

Enquire with the watch repairers in regards to watch repairs and servicing for Coventry.

I have had the watch battery changed somewhere else but it keeps stopping?

If your watch in Coventry keeps on stopping after a battery replacement it generally suggests a watch service is needed.

Enquire with the team about watch service Coventry via mail-order service.

Watch Repair Coventry

If you are looking for a reliable watch repair service for Coventry in West Midlands then could help.

The professionals offer an affordable and fast service by nationwide postage to a central workshop.

The repair and servicing of watches is conducted via skilled watch repairers using the best tools and spare parts. If a watch part is not available, it could often be sourced within an few days for customers.

For that extra peace of mind a guarantee is offered against busted materials or workmanship (12 months for bracelets and 18 months for batteries).

To request your watch repair that cover Coventry in West Midlands, simply utilise the online form today and the watch repairers will respond to you quickly (Monday - Friday).

Watch repairs Coventry

Coventry Watch Repair

Watch repairs Coventry in West Midlands by postal service to a modern workshop.

The reputable and experienced watch repairers are members of the BHI (British Horological Institute) and British Watch and Clock Makers Guild.

The repair service offered for the people of West Midlands uses appropriate parts to ensure a long lasting and dependable watch repair.

A wide selection of watch repair services are offered including pressure testing, dial restoration, strap replacement, watch maintenance, watch overhauls and battery replacement services to name but a few examples.

Watch repairs Coventry by postal service covers all the major watch manufacturers including

• Omega
• Rolex
• TAG Heuer
• Cartier
• Breitling
• Gucci
• Raymond Weil
• Rotary
• Oris
• Baume et Mercier
• Citizen
• Seiko

With over five hundred thousand watches serviced and repaired each year you could be assured of fantastic customer service and excellent value.

The recent testimonials on Time Piece Fixers demonstrate the excellent watch repairs offered by the team.

To schedule your watch repair service for Coventry by post, simply use the online form and we will get in touch shortly, to discuss how to receive your wristwatch to the central workshop.

Recent Enquires

wf1211 ko professionalstrap fastener loosebrokenneeds new batteryclean been in box in attic for years


hi, I have an early omega trench watch that requires new glass and depending on price eventually a dial repair I was wondering what this would cost?


i have a seiko perpetual calendar watch that needs a battery replaced, I would be grateful for a quote.


hi therei have a seiko divers watch model 7000-7002, automatic, works fine , just now and then i`ll lose a few minutes/hours overnight. it just stops. but then will go fine for many days. not sure to repair or go and buy a new watch. what would be your normal average service cost for this sort of watch? cheers, andy


needs new battery.


i have a ladies rotary watch on the cheaper end. I took it in to change the battery but was told the whole thing needs to be replaced. if you would do it, how much am I looking at please. it does have sentimental value for me.


battery replacement


hi my seamaster auto is losing time, quite a lot actually, almost 7 minutes a day now, it`s kat service was around 4 years ago, I assume it needs a full service to rectify? can you advise on costs?thanks craig


on replacing the battery on an ingersoll chronograph watch the clip which holds the battery in an connects the batteryup has broken. could you be able to repair it and replace new battery.? it was quite an expensive watch.thankyou


callistino a72345 - blue mother of pearl dial - x I have been to get a battery for this but advised it would not work as it required a service so just looking for some help .


i have a model 5y66-oaao that requires a new wrist strap as the original strap got damaged.


raymond weil battery replacement